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Matrx® Libra Cushion   Matrx® Vi Cushion/Base   Matrx® PS Cushion  

The Matrx® Libra cushion uses a combination of high resilient foam and dual layer fluid sac to provide maximum protection around boney prominences and stability to the pelvis. Recommended for all users including those at highest
risk of skin breakdown. The Libra Fit Kit components are available to enhance immersion, correct and accommodate orthopedic issues.

The Matrx® Vi /Kid*ab*ra-Vi cushions are designed to provide skin protection and positioning for users at moderate to high risk of skin breakdown. The unique 3 part foam construction targets skin protection to where it is needed most, and features improved stability, support and comfort.
The Matrx® PS cushion is designed to provide superior positioning, stability, skin protection and comfort. The design features an anatomically
contoured shape incorporating a unique waffled ischial relief recess, and an innovative reversible outer cover.
Matrx® Flo-tech Cushion   Matrx® Elite TR Back   Matrx® Mini Back  

The Matrx® Flo-tech cushion uses a combination of molded foam and dual layer fluid sacs to provide the highest level of skin protection for users with high risk of skin breakdown. The Fit Kit components are available to address individual postural requirements.

The Matrx® Elite TR is specially designed for use in manual or power tilt only or tilt/recline applications. It includes an extra layer of SuperSoft foam for improved immersion and comfort, and full support across the shoulder area.
The Matrx® Mini Back features Mini Set hardware, a miniature version of the popular Easy Set hardware, designed with kids in mind. The Mini back is contoured to fit kids of all shapes and sizes – combining exceptional support in an appealing low profile package.

Matrx® Elite Back and
Mounting Hardware Options
  Matrx® Posture Back and
Mounting Hardware Options
  Matrx® Genera Back  
The Matrx® Elite backs are designed to provide precise orientation within the wheelchair for optimal postural support. The attractive, lightweight design appeals to users with active lifestyles. a
The Matrx® PB Posture Backs are contoured to provide midline support and positioning. The wide variety of sizes and depths will provide exceptional comfort and support for a wide range of user needs.
The Matrx® Genera back provides support and comfort at a price so affordable that no wheelchair user needs to make do with sling upholstery.a
Matrx® Contour Back   Matrx High Back   Matrx MX1 Back  
The Contour back provides comfortable back support with a limited amount of adjustability for users with basic positioning needs.a
The High Back is a stylish option with built-in head support - great for tilt/recline applications.
Matrx® MX1 Back is the latest in back support technology — designed for active users that demand peak performance and great looks. .
Head/Neck Support   Laterals
Hardware & Pads

  Positioning Straps  
This modular line of various hardware and pad options provides solutions for the widest range of client needs.
Our selection of lateral supports has been created to enhance your clients’ comfort, support, positioning, stability, and quality of life.
The positioning straps provide postural alignment and distribute pressure for all-day comfort.
Armpads & Accessories          
We offer sturdy and durable armpads and other options that provide extra comfort, flexibility and protection to the clients.

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