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Ultra Low Maxx Modular System   Ultra Low Mini System   407 Maxx System  
The all new UltraLow Maxx combines function, durability and good looks. More than just another pretty face, the Maxx is a real-world solution, providing maximum function and adjustment for the full life time of the system.
  Good things come in small packages . . . the all NEW Ultra Law Mini Pediatric Power Positioning System is especially designed to accommodate the varying needs of active, growing children.   The all new 407 Maxx features
up to 40° of Posterior Tilt with 7° of Anterior Assist as a standard configuration. With the addition
of a Recline (170°) module
allows the client to adopt a Trendelenburg position.
Recline System   Tilt System   Elevate System  
The Recline function enables users to infinitely change the seat to back angle of their system within a set range. Most recline systems extend up to 170°.   The Tilt function enables the wheelchair user to infinitely change their position by tilting a fixed seat frame around an axis of rotation of up to 50°.   The Elevate module allows the user to raise their entire power positioning system up 12" above the lowest seat-to-floor height of their system  
UpFront Maxx Module Precline System  
UpFront Maxx module allows people to get a bit closer to the everyday objects! It simultaneously shift forward up to 5.5 while elevating up to 7 with legs securely tucked under and offers up to 45° of Anterior Tilt. Precline is an option available
with recline systems. It adjusts
the back angle of the seating
system into a forward position
and, in effect, sandwiches the
client to aid with posterior tilt.

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