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A fabulous, fully capable and functional tilt system made especially for today’s unique funding situations with all the fundamental features and flexibility you have found with Motion Concepts products.
System Highlights
50° of CG Tilt
50° of CG Tilt, 168° Recline with Extended Shear Reduction (ESR)
15" - 22" Seat width in 2" increments
15" - 22" Seat depth in 3" increments
CG shift up to 7"
Seat-to-floor heights from 16½" depending on the base
Mounting brackets for base to base interchangeability
Standard with fixed center mount foot platform, yet compatible with all front rigging including power center mount
Slotted seat pan and steel back pan
Cantilever height and angle adjustable flip back armrests
Slotted telescoping legrest receivers offer infinite seat depth adjustment within a 1" - 5" range
Standard electronics with single push button, dual push button or low amp toggle control
Elevating seat module available
Standard Features
250 - 300 lbs Standard Weight Capacity (dependent on base weight capacity)
All Systems come with the seat pan, standard back pan, armrests, armpads and fixed center mount front rigging
Standard Seat Widths: 15" - 22"
Standard Seat Depths (Slotted adjustment in 3" ranges): 16" - 22"
Lifetime Structural Warranty
Positioning Options
Tilt Only: 50° CG Tilt
50° of CG Tilt, 168° Recline with Extended Shear Reduction (ESR)
Elevating Seat Module: 5", 6", 7"
12" Elevating Lift Seat Module
MaTRx Seating Option
Matrx PS, Vi, Flo-tech and Libra Cushions
Matrx Elite, Elite HD, Elite TR, Elite Deep, lite PB, PB Deep, PB HD, PB HD Deep Backs
Matrx Elan Headrest
Front Rigging Option
LNX Power Center Mount Foot Platform
Power Flip up Foot Platform for LNX
Power Elevating Pivot Plus Legrests
Swing Away Power Elevating Pivot Plus Legrests
Pivot Plus Manual Elevating Legrests
Heavy Duty 70° Swing Away Footrests
Adjustable 70° - 70° Fixed Center Mount Foot platform
Standard Electronics
Enhanced Electronics
Electronics Accessories
Accessories and Options
Motion Concepts Headrests, Stealth Comfort Plus and Combination Headrest
Modular, Standard, Waterfall, Flat Gel Arm Pads, and Ergonomic Arm Troughs
Armrest Storage Compartment & Arm Pad Storage/Cup Holder
Lateral Trunk Supports and Hip Supports, removable or fixed
Transfer Handles
Safety Lights
Single and Double Backpacks
Vent Trays and O2 Holders
Articulating and Non Articulating Vent Trays
Liquid and Gas O2 Holders
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