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Technical Videos

Ultra Low Maxx - Technical Training
-Ultra Low Maxx-Seat Depth Adjustment
-Back, Height Adjustment (Tilt)
-ESR Back, Height Adjustment (Recline)
-Full System Width Adjustment (Tilt, Recline, Elevate)
-Drop Seat Module Replacement (Tilt, Elevate)
-Back Interchange with Outback Cantilever Armrest
-Heavy-Duty Swing Away Legrest-Pivot Angle Adjustment
-Maxx Style Hip Guide Adjustment
-Outback Armrest Adjustment
-Recline Cantilever Armrest Adjustment
-Individual Legrest Adjustment
-Lateral Trunk Support Installation & Adjustment
-Lateral Hip Support Installation & Adjustment
-Articulating Vent Tray- Demonstration Video

F-Series - Technical Training
-Drop Seat Module Replacement (Tilt, Elevate)
-Lateral Trunk Support Installation & Adjustment

Multi-Position Stander(MPS) - Technical Training
-Part I
-Part II

-Programming the M11 Tipsy Sensor

Product Overview

-Maxx Style LNX Power Centermount Legrest-Width Adjustment
-Maxx Style LNX Power Centermount Legrest-Knee-to-heel (KTH) Adjustment
-LNX Power Centermount Legres

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